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October 2018
Our Holy Redeemer Church 
(37 South Ocean Avenue Freeport, NY 11520)

10/19 and 10/26   6:00pm      4th Grade Boys  
10/25 and 11/1    6:00pm      3rd Grade Boys
        10/23 and 10/30   7:15pm      5th & 6th Grade Boys
        10/25 and 11/1     7:15pm      7th & 8th Grade Boys
               10/22 and 10/29   7:15pm      7th, 8th & 9th Grade Girls
       10/22 and 10/29   6:00pm      5th & 6th Grade Girls

There is no fee to tryout.
High School Tryouts will be in January 2019

 *Interested 2nd graders should email us so we can send you information on our 2nd grade developmental team.

  support@game7sports.com  if you would like to attend and we will email you more info on the travel basketball program.